An Attempt at a New Definition of Forever

Something rings and in the next room the telephone sings,
demanding buttons be pushed, more hellos :
there are words we know the way to say,
how to fit them into their places + use them : turn left
after two blocks : 350˚ for 25 minutes :
remember those first books, apples
pictured redly next to an overlarge A, box beside a B :
we learn to believe proximity
is kin to knowledge
and it's not a trick : we're told to get together, stand close,
and from dusty drawers decades down the line
we'll pull photos + grin through wrinkled lips :
I used to know him real good :
Something rings : It's winter,
another year's end and I finally know love : most nights while she sleeps
I lie close and hope to catch hints of whatever
she's dreaming : later we'll wake + regale each other
of what we've seen, jungles, ice cliffs, tigers or light shows :
we'll wake, put soft hands against other's face and pour ourselves as rivers
against the unsayable     as if it were stone
to enter                                             + quench, reduce to bits
small enough to wrap entirely around : days pass and
the telephone in the next room sings and sings again—
noon ticks an indefatiguable arithmetic
of light plus or minus light :
we bring ourselves right up next to words
we don't know how to use
(like strange cars parked in familiar lots,
like new boots in a doorway)—
we lie down again : again : falling asleep : listening :
whole alphabets we carry and these words :
perhaps they can only sing within : some things do :
for these there are rings :
Weston Cutter


Weston Cutter

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