Self Portrait as Post Script

And another thing
another thing
another thing spills out when I am a rose bush
cascade of lyre bird spill out of plumage
these ancillary passages of peacock feather
these pumped out plush petals the plus
of the bloom the minus of the bud
stacks of animals
a still life studying
   the many pretty ways to die
if these swirling vines look like my hand
please realize the black beyond I stand by
is set to devour these words
your name
one my syllable to swallow and lick
one my sign off to the greater good
going down to where the downed and feathered
   flesh parts to a knife’s
introduction to meat
symmetry in the cock’s comb symmetry
in the aureole the glands starring the nipple
and if the moles match the constellations
if this sky was the same in your world
as in mine, which is as it was
   when the giant squids
unfurled in the depths of dark waters
   with the soft seaweed light
squinted into a tube
such is the filigree of me
against the velvet
my shy knees crossed against the
once again and never more.
Tender Trapper
Rebecca Hazelton

Tender Trapper

Rebecca Hazelton

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