Self Portrait as Not Dead Yet

The body is no modesty, feigned or other.
The less pretty wedged
between the tiny diamonds
   of our skin,
a testament to decorate,
   erase and to refine
bringing the line in line
with the pleasing composition,
the method and the message
we can live with.
   If A then B.
If A is painful
B is worth it.
A split melon
with its sticky sweet juice
   and the spilling seeds
is domesticity:
a stunned hawk is a study:
so the rose of a girl’s face
is a laboratory
for observing
the spread of blight,
if you believe that having a look of knowledge
   is cause
to prune back
to the cane and starting graft,
   where surely some wild strain
remains, brought forth
   by this hand, reaching for a ripe fruit.
Tender Trapper
Rebecca Hazelton

Tender Trapper

Rebecca Hazelton

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