Self Portrait as Great Scout Leader III

In the menagerie
strapped to my back,
there are two of everything.
If you need a fox, I have that.
If you need a lion to eat that fox,
I have that, too.
The necessities don’t weigh me down.
I keep mementoes of you
on my person.
I wear your gloves
to better understand
your hands.
I have read the books on survival
in the harshest of climates.
I can build a fire
from a dried carrot
and a turtle shell.
I stalked a deer for miles
and when I saw its eyes
were yours I didn’t hesitate.
The arrow was true.
Is this my voice
that once called to you?
It packs up light as twine.
Tender Trapper
Rebecca Hazelton

Tender Trapper

Rebecca Hazelton

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