I Was Very Angry

I paused to enjoy the view
I began again
I tore myself in half
The air was dropping
rain into a black hole
and God was scared too
He rolled the windows up
I screamed
No one for miles in the American painting turned a head
I held my sleeve I screamed again and felt no different in the dream a tiny rock
rolled down a crevice
also silt
felt like sand amassing
feels like I feel moving as I note
sweet grasses gently everywhere
the lack below my feet
as I enter yet another
McDonald’s by the sea
I think about when it was gone
and night sat on this lot, stored its stars here breathing
I eat the salt, I plummet
into memory where I find
memory is sick of me
and I remember reality
It was a car it got away
and drove itself to vanish
New Clouds
Emily Hunt

New Clouds

Emily Hunt

Floating Wolf Quarterly Cover_wolf