Dear Seth
We are in the new year now
In the last days of the old one
the doctor told us hard news
     and my mind excluded
most other thoughts
       so when the idea
to make that funny version of your book cover
came to me
    I was grateful for the visit
And it’s true that almost nothing is better
than the movies
     Philomena       American Hustle
or a series is good
      Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
On New Year’s Eve a new test told us
we’d all probably be okay
         I did not know
when I began I’d fill these poems
with so much information
  which saturates
my life
Some people see information
as that which cannot be predicted
                    the break
in the pattern
It is still snowing
I’d like to know how this year
will break me
Dear Seth
Heather Christle

Dear Seth

Heather Christle

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