we were born in sunlight
a birth in clovers
behind our birdbath
I dreamt my sister owned a horse
inherited near a chain-link fence
& that I conjured a snake from its mane
no poison, just a slim, bitter fang
attached to scales attached to muscles
we each took an axe
& swung, splitting it into halves
—suddenly it was glass, as flowers
bursting open in spring, everywhere
uncontrollable glass. The cinders
froze in terror. The horse looked
away. I am not fearing
this power. Wood blisters
bring us home. Venom splinters
bring us, golden field
bring us, flaring sun bring us,
mercury blade bring the cleanest cut
to the leanest lung
& home.
Kelly Forsythe


Kelly Forsythe

Floating Wolf Quarterly Cover_wolf