Long Evaporation Across the States

Torch. Torchlight of hair.
Along the cityscape, electricity drags
its linear body in a glittering vein.
I ride in a cab lifting its front
wheels through black snow. I
came here adrift. Above the street
there is a hold on the elevators. A
shining from a moving cell.
If there is a luminosity to me, show
me the ignition.
You grow still in a swampland with
black clouds. I know that if I find
you, I will have to stay in the vapor there,
inside of the inside, saturated in suspension
above the saltwater. You are inside of my inside
wind. I must go into your breath
and stay in the coolness. Gale of my lung.
If I am only an exhalation of a planet,
lift me to the coal-throat of the sky. I’ll
come to you to be made radiant. Come
to me for the having. Have me and the burn
of salt from the vital areas of our bones.
Kelly Forsythe


Kelly Forsythe

Floating Wolf Quarterly Cover_wolf