Manifest Destiny

Whether true
in a study it is told
each left-handed person
is conceived with a twin
who dies in the early stages
was I your arsonist
could I have been
your capsizing sea
in the mosaic of a womb
was I the mirrored glass
that crushed you
or the hurt brick causing
your whole bridge to collapse
perhaps you
were at the middle
of your life by hour 6
knew the great sleep
awaited you
& perhaps our birth mother
& birth father
& birth sister shaped
their vowels differently
or parted their hair
to the other side
or had coffee instead of tea
after you moved on
but didn’t know why
or what loss had occurred
that a foothill had been leveled
or a fence uprooted
by some blurred, muted disaster
swirling its stakes into a wisp
Kelly Forsythe


Kelly Forsythe

Floating Wolf Quarterly Cover_wolf