BEDS [On the seashores of Lindisfarne]

On the seashores of Lindisfarne
Lindisfarne oyster beds.
Smoked Loch Etive eel.
Beer x 10. Renewal realm, ridges of sheets.
Static alchemy…this field of sunflowers—
Monday: Laundry
Tuesday: Groceries
Wednesday: Change the sheets
The dog outside in his dogbed
Outside the dog in his dogbed
A hotel in Liege. The great blue heron's bed.
My mother and father's giant bed
where I slept with my brother
and we played the game of opposites.
The back room episode, the canopied secret, cervical unmade beds.
Recuperated beds turned into instruments.
Shape notes and symphony,
hymnology and musical comedy. Dirges and po—emes.
Tangos and birdsong beds,
yodel and chant, hurrah and bawl,
yammer and squawk,
sound box and sounding board.
Aeolian bed, ukulele bed,
Humming top, organ loft, carillon,
tabla and nickel Odeon,
Long-playing record.
Joracho harp.
Joracho harp.
His bass.
Bed #3
Catherine Bowman


Catherine Bowman

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