BEDS [On the right side starboard]

On the right side starboard,
and on the left my old dresser,
six sided parabolic gospel
cradle, weather wheel,
weather sheets, weather deck
edged with cloud skin,
spy skin, skirt cop. Beds we flee
from, say our prayers, bolt out of, vacant beds,
sweet beds with nervy refractions,
hospital beds and charity beds,
orphan beds aviary beds,
attic beds, urine stained beds, stables,
solid watery beds, side by side,
cheek by cheek, jowl by jowl.
Toss and turn, catch forty winks,
old-fashioned slumber and cat nap,
gulf cove beds, our bed a staircase
and a hidden room, made mostly
of heaven and some-ly of hell.
Beds we ride—
The sheriff across the plains.
Hood, duet, saddle.
Giddy up.
  Giddy up.
Giddy up.
Catherine Bowman


Catherine Bowman

Floating Wolf Quarterly Cover_wolf