O Mary Don't You Weep Don't You Mourn

What is joyful
O what lifts us up
Between the mouth's
Opening to sing the sound
He tells you to and the sound
Coming out O Mary was a girl
Like all of us at the dances
In the fields with her friends
Watching the one boy
With his hair in his eyes throwing
A ball to his friends
Or at the market where
He brushed her hand just as she
Noticed the way the light made
The pomegranates not brighter
But deeper and wanted to
Tell him O she wanted to
Tell him so over the din
Of the vendors, the cheese maker,
The sheep's heads lined up
And staring O staring with their
Cloudy eyes at her staring
Beyond him so as not to tell
Him how she'd make a place
For him if he'd just look up
And ask her to.
From the Mortality Sessions
Gabrielle Calvocoressi

From the Mortality Sessions

Gabrielle Calvocoressi

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