Paris Renga

Attached directly
to the base without a stalk
(a leaf, a flower);
immobile (a coral reef).
Walled garden, Judith at rest:
Graves' White Goddess,
she's now her own muse, loyal
to her cat, the mice,
the ficus strangling her house,
Auden read at lunch. The source:
sed-, (to sit, saddle):
Indo-European root
of chair, cathedral,
tetrahedron. The sculptor
Ossip Zadkine, a Russian
by birth—bundled off
to England by his mother,
sent to the French front
(World War I), bore a stretcher
at Épernay, escaped World
War II in New York—
ended up in Paris, where
he wrote to a friend,
…come see my pleasure house and
you will understand how much
a man's life is changed
by a dovecote, by a tree.
Trillium, oak: sessile.
Carol Todaro


Carol Todaro

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