If my house could be lifted up like a game piece
and put into a box, closed up and put away
into a closet, another house might pop up
immediately there, and other people too.
And if you could lift that house up you might find
yet another house, not much different from the first two.
This could go on for days or even
weeks before the ground was bare.
Once I cut a tree down so I could plant a lawn
and found a whole forest standing there behind it.
Already my children were exploring its paths
and already my wife had her book of ferns
and her book of sacred berries and her sewing scissors
in her hands, for cutting small details in the fabric
of the woods. So I followed my family in there.
I was lonely and you touched me I kept thinking as I wandered.
The Flood
Michael Hettich

The Flood

Michael Hettich

Floating Wolf Quarterly Cover_wolf