What Are Predators but Parasites that Kill You Faster

one conundrum is that you sew
a bunch of ghosts
only to end up with a smaller ghost
—you mend the hem / I'll tend the holes—
—chomp chomp choke / little bloodclot on the yolk—
thus you deviate as I scrape away
a cleaner spot
Short digression on decorating
the tree: find a wood-chipper, feed
in honey, blankets, books. Treasure's
better decked in ketamine feathers
and wetforever lemons.
—hide us in a pit / rip the furtive flap / the stitched-up gut—
Short digression
on the middle of the desert:
we're in it.
under other accomplishments
      you can put "mimesis"
"Ouija realness"
    and "blinking when forbidden" please
love the desert
squeeze it
take it home
  put it in a cage
with what's left of the ghost—
—even you should admit it's sweeter
than the pet leech
you used to keep
The Anxiety of Coincidence
Mark Bibbins

The Anxiety of Coincidence

Mark Bibbins

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