Penny Pincher Leaves Millions

A child was entrusted to me
but I gave back a mouse.
  What is it
to dream of someone else's teeth
in a ditch, what is reason
but a dead corsage
pinned on the id
before the dance. Reason, I would
have liked to have known you better.
Instead, we'll keep
the passive voice
in business, and maintain
that mistakes were made
when we mistakenly
finger Penny Pincher
   in the lineup.
When I was in pictures, I was known
for the look in the amnesiac's
eyes before he asks his beloved,
"Who are you?"
   I used to nail that one
    every time—
the line, not the beloved, although
there were incidents.
I never could recall,
so how could I improve.
How many more lion cubs
must I return to the lion store
before you understand
how adorable
but dangerous they are
when there's more than one to mind.
Penny's left me
in too many messes to measure,
but I maintain I saw them coming.
Trust me with nothing.
The Anxiety of Coincidence
Mark Bibbins

The Anxiety of Coincidence

Mark Bibbins

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