The Perspective Fairy

Henry Fonda didn't die on you,
he just died. Carol Burnett
says this to Liz Taylor in
a movie so Liz gets wasted
and puts a shopping bag
over her head, or Carol
tells Liz this to make her
feel better after trying
and failing to kill herself with
a bag. Certainly we all need
a visit from the Perspective
Fairy now and then but you
have to be careful because
not just anyone
can play him.
Ernest Hemingway was summoned
to coax a friend down from a roof
with a cold-cream jar of opium
that Ezra Pound had left for him
with the instruction to bust it
out in case of an emergency—
really if these were the guys
in charge of my safety
I'd take to the roof too—
but when the friend finally
came down, he threw the jar
at Hemingway's head because he
knew that the real Perspective Fairy's
got gigantic wings you can
almost see through.
The Anxiety of Coincidence
Mark Bibbins

The Anxiety of Coincidence

Mark Bibbins

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