The human body is seventy percent Sargasso Sea

(a reduction)

Because we don't think
of drinking water
as cannibalism or swimming
as incest, I gather
my age spots into a semaphore
and signal rain
to come love my skin
again, everything
I do is an affair
with water, go to Paris,
the Musée D'Orsay,
where the art
is boring but trains
once came and went,
see that, how fluid
dynamics govern travel
and poetry, or the mind
cutting the course
of its flow with liquid
Because think of water
as swimming, as gather,
my semaphore and rain
to skin again, everything
I affair with Paris,
the D'Orsay, where art
is trains once went, see,
fluid dynamics
travel, and mind
cutting course of liquid
Because water
as gather,
my rain
to everything
I Paris,
the art is see,
fluid dynamics
travel mind,
cutting liquid
Bob Hicok


Bob Hicok

Floating Wolf Quarterly Cover_wolf