Appetite for Destruction

The jungle of self, the self
as obligation, the obligation
to mean it, to show up, to
arrive, the luxury of agency,
the agency to which we'll
apply so our child's name
will become real + so that
we may legally be each other's,
the other we each believe in
from need or darker impulse
when the daily other slags,
forgets, doesn't hear, come
on, etc., the not hearing
that's necessary
+ the not seeing that's
the light of fireflies recharging
between blinks, the fireflies
blinking over the lake
we throw twigs into
so the dog can practice his
I will do anything for you,
the anything done and
undone as the lilies
zip their dresses back up
to mark another peepshow
day's end as the dog bounds
through his sleep as we
go upstairs and unzip as
we try again to climb into
the dark inside each other
Weston Cutter


Weston Cutter

Floating Wolf Quarterly Cover_wolf