Keeping It All

: in
side my wife new life's
swimming + connected by a fi-
lament I'll be
expected to cut because nature
does nothing uselessly
meaning E will push our future
into our present
+ I'll set it loose : everything is
secretly named Pandora
no matter what we call it including
candle or pen
or Shivorna, which is one of the
60,000 baby names in
the book we keep bedside, I
read options
to the life inside my wife's life
+ ask is that you Quintilia,
Fogert, Mayalen? Which is it? We
wait for kicks,
murky movement, sure some
response, anything, will be
a clue: when I die I'll still have
the warm Feb
ruary morning my wife said
follow me then offered
a pink plus sign, meaning sym
bolism litters
our days, clutters each vision,
takes a shovel to any life's
loam + digs in : say where your
richest self is,
the thickest aspects, then count
the days till some thing
named or not finds you +
whispers deeper.
Weston Cutter


Weston Cutter

Floating Wolf Quarterly Cover_wolf