Self Portrait as a Gorgeous Tumor

The idea of breakfast in bed
   versus the sloppy practice:
thumb the soft peach and the nap splits open,
the wet surface sister to the glossed grape,
the shining plum, the nectarine
   with its faint veins,
all that clusters and spreads
seeds with a hint
   of more to come.
I watch the ceiling
for cracks, a water stain
a new territory
   to mark with dragons, to demarcate
the unknown with known designations.
Glazed in fluoridated water
   like a red wheelbarrow, I am
in the hot tropics of Florida,
where the geckos on fine, invisible hairs
   Velcro across
the bathroom window,
and so much depends
on the polished and perfunctory
hanging over all of us
   the chandelier promise
of a one way trip over and out
   to the happy kingdom
where the princess sleeps and sleeps
   and no one registers
    the slow explosion
of sawdust, feathers, glitter.
Tender Trapper
Rebecca Hazelton

Tender Trapper

Rebecca Hazelton

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