Dear Seth
Watching Frances Ha the other night
I fell into the panic of my old New York life
with all its drinking
    and so little money
Representations of debt terrify me more
than those of sickness
  I would love to draft a chart
of my heart rate when reading Madame Bovary
Last night success in building the fire
and Chris has come home happy
    as I knew
you would make him
The first night he ate
fried chicken and you ordered pork chops
and these are real plates of food
that make me feel strong and alive
    If only
I could think as tenderly of myself as I do
of you and of my former selves!
but this is not the case
  and therefore not a part
of the everything that we still call the world
like the soot on my hands
the voice on the air
or the desk where you sit again today
Dear Seth
Heather Christle

Dear Seth

Heather Christle

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