BEDS [Underwater rosary]

Underwater rosary
Jury box and DJ booth
Jukebox you play that plays you
The dos and the don'ts that you count off
when you are hot on the trail—
Suspect beds.
Two snakes kiss in a ball of tangled roots.
And what about Egyptian beds?
Right and then left past pastry shop, haze and bistro,
Labyrinths. Fields of beds, place to flee from.
Correct the record. Take secrets to the grave.
Place to prosecute, to bring to justice,
to try yourself at night.
The empty space beside you
like a cold war spy.
To gorge on crispy duck
in bed. To be greased. To be de-greased.
Recessed niche
where you rub the handle of a gun
or a letter opener.
The common shape you form
on the common prayer.
Tell me a story
he says, in bed.
Catherine Bowman


Catherine Bowman

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