Assembling Your Clown

Notice first that your clown is made up almost entirely
of ligaments, cartilage, bursae, minisci.
Technically, a clown has only one bone—
the forehead—
and that is where your assembly must begin.
Put the forehead in place—
which is to say—
place the forehead on your kitchen table.
Feel the sadness of the clown's bowed head,
its willful eyeless despair.
The rest of the clown will come together easily
after that—it is the sadness
that puts him all together.
As he begins to take shape, you might notice
that he is clinging desperately to the kitchen table.
This is absolutely normal.
Indeed, if it is not difficult to remove your clown
from the table on which it has been assembled,
you have probably done something wrong.
Probably a clown like that is going to disappoint someone.
Circus Tender
Joe Wenderoth

Circus Tender

Joe Wenderoth

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