Sexual History, 1984-2012

He slept with no one in 1984.
He slept his way to the high chair in 1985.
He slept behind the Iron Curtain in 1986.
He slept and sucked on his thumb in 1987.
He slept with the enemy action figure in 1988.
He slept while the Wall fell in 1989.
He slept and what they called communism ended in 1990.
He slept on the plane in 1991.
He slept with Bill Clinton on television in 1992.
He slept through everyone who died of AIDS in 1993.
He came in his sleep in 1994.
He slept in America in 1995.
He thought about not sleeping with anyone in 1996.
He wanted to sleep with men in 1997.
He needed to sleep with men in 1998.
He couldn't sleep at all, not during the days or nights in 1999.
He slept with his semen in his mouth in 2000.
He slept with a man but didn't really sleep with him in 2001.
He watched men sleep in 2002.
He wanted to die in his sleep in 2003.
He slept with one person in 2004.
He slept with only that person in 2005.
He hated sleeping with him in 2006.
He kept sleeping with him in 2007.
He slept with someone who looked like the son of a dictator in 2008.
He slept with five people he could remember in 2009.
He slept with nine people in 2010.
He slept with seven people in 2011.
He is asleep in America in 2012.
American Boys
Alex Dimitrov

American Boys

Alex Dimitrov

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