Kill Your Boyfriends

First, wear the clothes they carelessly left
on that night you can't remember,
so it's themselves they see walking away.
Look at them, always,
with an expensive abandon
and a little below the lips.
Whatever you play, play it on repeat.
And if they say, "why this?"
tell them "Brando or Morrison died
listening to this song"—
say it without caring what they'll think.
Kill your boyfriends, boys.
At the movies or the bar booth,
on your first date, in your bedroom.
Kill your boyfriends—kill your boyfriends, ladies.
While they kiss you, just before they say
"I'm close," just before they can forget to miss you.
When they mouth sweet things,
when they ask once more to see you.
Why not kill what's yours?
Why not make it lethal?
You are so in love with love.
You are carving out another heart,
you are filling it with nothing see-through.
You must kill your boyfriends.
You must kill what wants,
like death, to keep you.
American Boys
Alex Dimitrov

American Boys

Alex Dimitrov

Floating Wolf Quarterly Cover_wolf