Leaving Town with Allen Ginsberg

Allen Ginsberg, I met you
in a gas station bathroom somewhere in California
and I don't even drive or dream. You asked me for my number,
I asked you for a cigarette. It was evening in New York
where we were both dead, and America
was beautiful and bloody like a boy.
I don't smoke, I said,
but there's a war and there's my love too,
and no mirror in this bathroom
so, what next? When can I go into the supermarket
and buy what I need with my good looks?
Where can I find the best blue jeans to sell my book?
If we leave this place tonight
let's not leave loveless.
Let's dig a cemetery like a summer in our hands.
And all the people that will pass and bless our bodies—
let's take them with us Allen Ginsberg,
let's never let them sleep.
American Boys
Alex Dimitrov

American Boys

Alex Dimitrov

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