My Three Last Names Are My First Three Names

I was born in
money I was born
of no money. The caesura
is my reservoir
of reserve, site of don't
you even dare.
Our priorities frozen
midcentury midpresidency,
what I lack
in precision I compensate
for in love notes
to future friends. Safe
in the desire of millions
of denizens or not
so secure, run up and up
the avenue with my tongue
in my hand. Catastrophic
twit, sniff
out your hot misery, the blink
of a snake,
a nod of its head. Touch money
then touch your lips—not
the safest way
to measure a world
whose readings keep vibrating
against one another:
little arrows, but in big
directions, each border
more decadent
than the last.
The Anxiety of Coincidence
Mark Bibbins

The Anxiety of Coincidence

Mark Bibbins

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