More Strategies for Trapping the Dead

A perilous poetics balanced in a doorway
               feet up          its shadow
               thus an ad hoc tarot poetics
An acquisitive poetics in a range
               of verdant tones implying undulating snakes
A mouthy poetics
A poetics of idols on an altar
A poetics of winnowing demented candidates
A poetics of quarters of sedatives
               and halves
Another poetics of a different doorway
                  past which the clientele is filing
A poetics of oh no          what are these          symbols
               or chickens hastily butchered
A celebrity poetics and a poetics
               of plain old longing
A vulture poetics
First one then of all of these hunkered in a series of rooms
               thus a poetics of variable thresholds again
An oxymoronic poetics
A discursive poetics
A flaccid poetics
A peachy poetics
And one of pronouncing it like "politics" and noting
               any change this makes to the room
               as in
               an insufferably gorgeous pĆ³etics
A utilitarian poetics of everything
               online          last          year
A poetics of uncles
               and a Johnny-come-latently or two
Ever and always               one of upgrades
A predatory poetics
The poetics of a monochrome palate
               but within it
               jostling shades
The poetics of the Theremin
               which like language you play
               without touching it
The Anxiety of Coincidence
Mark Bibbins

The Anxiety of Coincidence

Mark Bibbins

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